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Payroll Management

In every business, timely and accurate processing of employees’ salaries is a major activity. Apart from managing tax and statutory compliances which regulations might change from time to time, dealing with various salary structures, handling reimbursements, loan and advances, overtime, bonus, final payout, and other benefits are also key functions comprising payroll management. At the first glance, these activities might look too easy to perform by internal capacity, but many customers fully recognize that they are neither simple nor cost-effective, especially when the entire process is taken into account. Therefore, whenever in-house payroll processing becomes ineffective, it is common that customers look for potential Payroll service providers.

Outsourcing payroll management offers better alternatives than in-house processing, in that, it provides timely payments to employees, filing taxes, and performs other activities related to payroll administration at affordable service fees. No matter what business you run or where your business is located, but SARIA assures you that its payroll management service supports you to give more time and attention to your core activities that have direct impact to address business challenges and this makes your company productive, yet with a guarantee of your data security.

SARIA provides up-to-date and customized payroll solutions to its customers, regardless of their size, business sector, or geographical locations. But our tailored solutions are designed to address your requirements. SARIA is staffed by qualified professionals with expertise in providing end-to-end payroll processing and basic payroll calculations that meet statutory requirements in payroll management.

Our payroll service helps companies to remains updated on ever-changing payroll and employment tax requirements, preparing timely tax returns and reconciliation reports through an online and offline tax management system, and meet strict government deadlines on regular and annual tax filings. Thus, get in contact with SARIA immediately and discover the benefits of its cost-effective payroll services and lessen your burdens. We have no doubt that you will build confidence in our services.


In any business, whether it is new or an already established one, selection and recruitment of relevant staff for a vacant position is a key step towards smooth business operation. The processes of selecting the right candidates for intended positions can be carefully managed by recruitment service providers such as SARIA. This will avoid unnecessary time consumption, cost expenditure, as well as the loss of confidential company data. SARIA is at your disposal to manage these complexities.

The right employees can take your business to new heights.

SARIA understands that skills and experience are not the only important attributes while selecting new candidates. Our assessment includes scrutinized evaluation of candidates against their suitability to your company’s vision, mission, core values, and work culture. We provide you with potential resources that bring differences to your business and other developmental activities. SARIA can assist you in rectifying your recruitment process in the following ways, and we recommend you explore our reliable services:

  • Create a hiring process that aligns with your company’s culture
  • Develop profiles for ideal candidates based on your requirements
  • Craft clear and accurate job descriptions
  • Design and incorporate predictable performance metrics
  • Screen and interview candidates to identify the right person

Our profound understanding of the hiring processes of both white and blue collars helps us to effectively screen candidates for the inquired job post provided by the hiring company. The clients we strive to satisfy can testify to our recruitment services being inclusive to all qualified personnel in different sectors and at any career level. Our recruitment solution can be customized as required and is available on both a permanent and contract basis.

We aim at building long-term relationships with our clients and that is why we have created special benefit packages. For clients that recruit five positions at a time, SARIA offers a free recruitment service package. For more information, Contact Us.


Whether you want to change career paths or you’re just beginning a new career, you can simplify the job-seeking process by reaching out to our keen expertise that is ready to help you in any way you may require.

At SARIA, we do not charge candidates for any kind of registration or placement fee. We provide free consulting and coaching services, as well as updates on current hiring trends. We suggest candidates take advantage of these opportunities to better themselves professionally.

HR Outsourcing

HR functions are complex, time-consuming, and problems related can cause obstacles for smooth performances of important business tasks. Such barriers divert focus from the tasks that necessarily require full attention. Hence, effective implementation of HR capital is critical for the success of any business, and in this regard, SARIA’s outsourcing service improves your flexibility to adapt to the rapidly changing national and international business climates. SARIA’s Outsourcing service offers efficient HR management activities where our trained staff prudently handle your employee’s record, payroll administration, vacation, insurance, pension, staff benefits, compensation, travel associated activities and also ensure smooth relations with employers as per the appropriate employment laws.

We are always updating ourselves with government policies and procedures regarding HR and tax compliance. Clients can get free consultancy service on Ethiopian labor law, HR, and tax regulations and directives. Assisting on annual and parting employment tax clearance is the other task that SARIA provides to its client and submits complete periodical updates and records. Moreover, registration and de-registration services for companies’ new joiners and leavers are included.

As part of compensation and benefits packages, SARIA administers life and health insurance policies. We conduct periodical assessments on different insurance policies, provide induction for new insurance policies, administer claims’ reimbursement, and facilitate credit medical services in collaboration with insurance companies.

You can rely on our services and enjoy the benefits of outsourcing.

Operation Management

Operational Management involves dealing with human and material resources that are essential for the production of goods and services. Some of the activities include the following:

  • Finance and accounting activities,
  • Fixed asset management,
  • HR and Operational Manuals/handbooks preparation;
  • Organizational charts and work-processes designing
  • Definition of jobs and preparing job descriptions
  • Preparation of performance evaluation tools

 Efficiently design work processes helps to allocate less resources than before to execute more volume of work, and thereby play our part so that our customers achieve their goals.

Our Services

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