• HR and Payroll Management

    Let us serve you as your Payroll Department, start saving today.

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  • Recruitment

    Working with a Recruitment Agency like us will help you make a more assured decision, reduce cost, save your time...

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About Saria Consultancy P.L.C

We, SARIA Consultancy PLC, is a legally registered company in Ethiopia that provides efficent Payroll Management, HR Outsourcing and recuritment as well as a regular operational support and facility management serviecs affordable to wide spectrum of customers. Its end-to-end Human Resource Management services provide unique opportunity customers to save their time and resources.

We want to offer you the service that would lead you to be more efficient in your core endeavors, reduce your costs and improve the security of your data. With the quality and prompt deliverance of our service, you will be pleased with your decision to work with us. We work together with our clients to provide professional services that will create viable impact and solution .

The basis of our utmost service lays on our group of experienced team and a drive to see things through.

Be efficient HR and Payroll Management services provider affordable to wide spectrum of customers

  • Deliver professional HR and Payroll Management service with reasonable charges
  • Implement advanced work processes towards continuous improvement of Recruitment and HR management system
  • Provide financial management services at locations preferred by customers
  • Carry out proper administration of facilities (properties)
  • Dedication ,
  • Confidentiality,
  • Integrity and
  • Continuous learning