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About Us

SARIA Consultancy P.L.C is a legally registered Ethiopian company established in 2016 with its HQ located in the beautiful capital Addis Ababa. Our growing business is set out to deliver competitive HR Outsourcing, Payroll Management, Recruitment, Operational, and Facility Management services.

Within this short period, SARIA has grown significantly and can penetrate into the market and become visible among the competitors. The reasons behind our outshined success are based on the efforts we put to profoundly understand customers’ requirements, consistent improvements,
reliability and technology-based services, affordable pricing, the convenience of our location, and determination to maintain long-term cooperation.

SARIA’s vision is to become among the top three of Ethiopia’s leading HR and Payroll management service providers by 2025. Currently, it is working with different national and international organizations and invaluable experiences are already gained through these business partnerships. As a result, SARIA understands the needs and expectations of wide range of customers and developed skills to design business strategies considering feedback from existing and potential customers regularly.

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Addis Ababa, Bole Road, Around Olympia, Omedad Building, 3rd floor, Room #307 & 308
+251 115 574 946
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