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Financial Management

The success of any business hinges on the excellence of its financial management system. The ever increasing growing business competitions demands companies and high level financial executives to look for effective management approaches, including outsourcing of finance and accounting function with an ultimate goal of enhancing their overall performances. Healthy financial management ensures continuous business growth that allows companies to improve their readiness to overcome new operational challenges from different directions.

If these functions are executed in-house, there is high probability that they will be of secondary importance to the company, rather major concern is given to revenue generating processes. Hence, outsourcing your finance and accounting process greatly contributes to ensure that the tasks are on hands of reliable partners that give priority importance. Besides, the importance of reducing the burden of internal employees cannot be underestimated.

SARIA’s Financial Accounting

SARIA’s financial accounting services are provided with engagement of knowledgeable financial accounting experts. SARIA takes time to understand your precise accounting needs and then proceed to planning of procedures leading to the desired goal. Generally, we deliver the following services to fulfill your financial accounting needs:

  • Financial closing (profit and loss, balance sheet, asset assessment, etc.)
  • Financial accounting and reports, like general ledger, payable/receivable, cash flow statements, bank reconciliation statements
  • Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual closing financial reports
  • Financial health status reports
  • Budgeting and cash forecasting

SARIA makes utmost effort to enhance your business development and significantly reduces burdens of all finance-management processes.

SARIA Consultancy P.L.C


Outsourcing has the following benefits:

  • Enables strategic redeployment of staffs
  • Ensures implementations of financial rules and regulations
  • Brings advanced technologies and Know-how
  • Enables to render flexible services:
  • Stringent focus to security and confidentiality

SARIA believes in fair pricing structure across the board as it is a critical factor considered before decisions are made on outsourcing. Our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control and you can pick any of the services to decide the optimum costs that you can allocate for the services you desire to get from SARIA Consultancy.

Let us be part of your Finance and Accounting Department, start focusing on your bigger dream.

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