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HR outsourcing

HR functions are complex,  and time consuming and often its management creates difficulties from running other important key tasks. So, outsourcing HR activities considerably simplifies problems, and thus helps companies to enhance their effectiveness by bringing their focus on what each company is best at. Moreover companies improve their flexibility to adopt the rapidly changing national/international business climates.

The process of modern HR management in an organization starts from talent acquisition to secession plan.


Managing HR efficiently is critical to the success of your company. Hence, it is vital to find out an HR service provider that can offer the right mix of services.

HR Outsourcing service

Depending upon your needs, either a package or a specific type of service, the following options are available to you by SARIA:

  • On-boarding and Orientation to new hires
  • Deal with employees’ contracts, record keeping, final payouts and exit interviews
  • Manage staff benefits, like health and life insurance, pension, allowances, etc.
  • Handle travel associated costs, including DSA / Perdiem, air ticket, hiring vehicle, travel insurance, etc.;
  • Work on other services related to human-resource, like preparation of employee handbooks, HR manuals, policies and procedures, etc

With no doubt HR Outsourcing services delivered by SARIA will allow you to reduce costs and save time. Getting such free times enable you to focus on core and more profit-producing activities that eventually elevate your company. Besides, SARIA can develop customized HR outsourcing services based on the specific needs of your business, and thereby gives you an opportunity to focus on expanding of your business.

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