General Manager

Job Summary: the Job holder is responsible for overseeing all operational and administrative functions and will coordinate all processes and functions. Major Duties and Responsibilities Developing annual and periodical work plan and deliverable, set KPIs for each unit and periodically

Operation Manager

Major Duties and Responsibilities Improve the operational systems, processes and policies for proficient flow of information and business process; Ensure systems are in place for safety measures to ensure the proper management and maintenance of data; Build up an effective

Office Manager

Major Duties and Responsibilities Greet and look after all clients with strong customer service and communications skills and interprets and translates as required; Screen and manage all incoming/outsourcing correspondence (post, fax, email) and prioritizes accordingly; File documents according to execution

Human Resources Division Head

Job Description: Plans, organizes, directs, coordinates, and controls the activities of the Human Resources Division related to recruitment, selection, transfer, promotion, performance measurement and management, human resource training and development, labor relations, discipline and other human resource management tasks. Ensures